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So Squared Away assists you in clearing clutter, maximizing your space, and managing your time through organization. Marlene Devine, So Squared Away's founder/owner, is one of those persons who knows and lives organization. Her business colleagues, friends, school groups, customers, and family count on her for organization. She has two teenagers, recently finished a major kitchen/bathroom renovation, has more than 20 years of successful project management in government and industry, balances her husband's two-continent career, and has time for physical fitness and maintaining close ties to her extended family and network of friends.

Marlene has a degree in Human Factors Engineering from Tufts University, which she applied in her successful product design consulting career. Her formal training in studying how people relate to their surroundings now guides her approach to organizing you and your home, or maybe your small business. You know the importance of human factors from products that have great usability (such as smartphones) and shopping experiences designed for the shopper (such as IKEA.)

Being organized is liberating. Marlene makes the work fun. She closely involves you to understand your priorities. You and Marlene will work side-by-side. She listens. You set the direction. Marlene makes it happen. So Squared Away.



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