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What clients have to say

"Marlene is amazing and I can't recommend her enough! Marlene will tailor her skills to help you with your specific challenges and organizational issues. For me, I have a very small space with little to no storage. She helped me declutter and find a home for every item in my house. She also helped me develop organizational tools to streamline my day to day life so I can avoid regressing backwards. Marlene does not judge you, she is patient and very thorough. …She has helped me tremendously and for that I am forever grateful. I finally feel like I have my life back and the clutter does not own me." (Rebecca G., Amesbury, MA)

"Marlene is friendly, energetic, and punctual. She's expeditious and strong… I couldn't have been happier with the work we did together. She's a blessing and worth every penny spent. … I feel "saved" by Marlene after having lived out of boxes for 4 years. It's a relief and joy LIVING in a place now instead of just existing! Her enthusiasm is infectious. She loves what she does, it shows and she's a MASTER at her craft." (Jenny B., Chelsea, MA)

"...Marlene is great at what she does. She kept me on task and was able to make extremely helpful suggestions on ways to lay things out so that I wasn't constantly searching through piles of junk. I took three days to run through what I had been staring at for three years. I can't recommend her highly enough. She asked the right questions to get a feel for how I live my life in my house and made the layout fit me, not some cookie cutter idea of how a house should flow, but a flow that would work for her client. ... It was all about how to get things done..." (Scott M., Lowell, MA)

" Our home needed some organizing 911. Both of us parents work full time and needed some time saving input on how to handle the paper trail from kids and to get a handle on storage ideas and reducing clutter. This company was courteous, creative and resourceful. ... We could not possibly have seen how to do any of this or had the gumption to pull it off on our own. ... [Marlene] not only solved some big organization problems but educated us regarding how to have a place to put everything. This was money very well spent. We have been able to achieve some permanent solutions to home organizing that could not have happened otherwise." (Maggie M., Andover, MA)

"Thanks to Marlene and So Squared Away I can honestly say that I am more organized now than I have been in years! Our finished basement has changed from basically a storage unit to a space for our family to utilize and enjoy. She helped me overcome the obstacles, both real and imagined, that were holding me back from getting my home in order. Her motivating and non-judgmental approach to organization was just what I needed to tackle the clutter once and for all. The benefits of hiring So Squared Away go far beyond a quick-fix. It is an investment towards a future of organization and an uncluttered life." (Laurie G., Wenham, MA)

"After 18 years of living and collecting "stuff" in our home we decided to put it on the market and move to warmer climes. The first item on the agenda was cleaning out, throwing away and donating lots of accumulated "stuff". Marlene was recommended by a friend and for 2 days she was a godsend. She helped with the sorting out, found a non-profit donee and arranged a pickup. She helped pack it up, organize it and prepare it for pickup. She assisted me when the movers came to pack and remove unnecessary furniture and contents of our attic, basement and garage for storage. Then she staged the rooms with our belongings. She did a fabulous job in all departments. She was very professional, offered valuable advice and was wonderful to work with. She has a substantial understanding of the complexities of downsizing and helped us make wise choices. I heartily recommend her to anyone who plans a move. My house has never looked better!" (Carrollyn M., Andover, MA)

"Marlene took my basement from a cluttered uninviting space that my kids rarely played in to an attractive usable space that they want to be in and bring their friends to. She tenaciously tackled my 'miscellaneous piles' helping define groups for the contents and giving them homes setting up a system that will allow me to sustain keeping it clutter free. She created a vision for the space using toys, tables, and a light that we already had. We now have a music corner, ample area to play foosball, and a drum kit set, all attractively displayed. It's awesome! Can't wait to tackle our next area!" (Sue M., Medway, MA)

"I completely recommend Marlene to anyone who needs a gentle assist with any home organization problem - big or small. She has ideas I never would have thought of on my own and really whipped my pantry into shape. Thank you Marlene! My pantry is now So Squared Away!" (Janet P., Chelmsford, MA)

"...I like to say that she is like a personal trainer for your home. I was absolutely embarrased by how "out of shape" my home had become with all of the clutter that has collected over the years. But, Marlene was very professional, patient and was never judgemental. She helped me to decide what items I should store, which I should trash and which I should donate. She organized all of the remaining items in the kids playroom and has made it into a beautiful teen hideout complete with a study area and tv/video game area. The kids love to go into their new room now and I love that they have a place that they can retreat to and call their own!! I would highly recommend Marlene to anyone needing her services." (Mary Beth M., Andover, MA)



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